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Find more information on our partners below:

Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers

Mellow is a state of mind, a culture, a way of being. Our mission is to provide delicious food in a fun and creative environment. We are the creators of Classic Southern Pizza and our unique and flavorful crust is a true original.


"This seven year partnership has been yummy !! Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers is a 41 year old franchise that originated in Athens, GA.  They have an amazing menu highlighted by unique pizza combinations, large and unique beer offerings, and fun decor."  - LVG


Pactimo is known for quality, reliability and unsurpassed customer service. They have a deep history in manufacturing custom apparel for elite teams, clubs and professional cyclists around the globe and have created a direct-to-consumer line that is unlike anything else you will encounter in the industry.


"This Colorado based clothing company continues to develop outstanding cycling clothing for various weather conditions and seasons. They are easy to work with and have a quick turnaround for getting you the product. I am a big fan of the comfortable chamois in the shorts."  - LVG

Van Dessel

Van Dessel bicycles are born of racing, engineered to perform with precision, and built with a degree of durability often overlooked. Their bikes are meant to be ridden hard and raced with panache, but most of all, enjoyed by those who love cycling.


"I have been riding Van Dessel bicycles for over five seasons of road and cyclocross racing. They are sturdy, responsive and light. They have propelled me to many victories." - LVG



The PSIMET Advantage

Rob Curtis, founder/owner/builder says, "The advantage of my wheels is that I consult with you ahead of time. I have been doing this for a long time and I have gained a lot of experience learning what works and does not work. The ultimate goal is to put you on the lightest, strongest, fastest, and most affordable wheels for your particular needs. The fact that each wheel is built by hand, tensioned by hand, and doesn’t leave my shop until it meets my standards is an included bonus."


"These wheels are incredibly reliable, fast, smooth and light. Rob and everyone at Psimet are at the ready if you have any questions or issues. I never worry about my wheels, they always do the job."  - LVG

Enzos Cycling Products

First developed as ButtonHole Chamois Cream—a skin and chamois cream designed to increase a cyclists’ ride quality in the saddle by eliminating the potential of chafing and the prevention of saddle sore development and out of the saddle works to eliminate existing saddle sores through use as a salve when sleeping or not riding. The product line later expanded with the addition of Embro Sticks, Victory Chain Lubricant and 26.2 Anti-Chafe Runner’s Cream.


"Enzo's is my go to product for chamois cream and embrocation salves.  I've had great success with their products and highly recommend them."  - LVG


Maxim Sports Nutrition is the Original Sports Nutrition which has been fueling Professional Cyclists around the globe for over 25 years.  Maxim was the nutrition originally designed by the British Cycling Federations medical team and, the nutrition that fueled Chris Boardman through his successes.   Maxim has since fueled most of the European Tour teams (teams such as Liquigas, Rabobank and Credit Agricole to name just a few).


Maxim offers a complete line of products for training and racing, for pre-race through recovery and for all distances sprint- long distance/multi-stage.  If you go to our website you will see we are only selling a limited selection of products in 2015, but we offer our pros the full product line. 


"Last year was my first year using Maxim products and I was so impressed with how my body utilized the nutrition aspects of their products.  The flavors were light and appealing for all the drink mixes and gels. The products were great for training and racing."  -LVG

Gavilian BFF

Gavilian Bikes Fly Free is a bicycle specific airline travel bag which is designed to fall into the airline requirements for correct sizing. It is a soft sided, but padded travel bag which fits most frame sizes and can be purchased with or without wheels.


"It has been my choice travel bag for 4 seasons and has never incurred any fees associated with flying a bike!"  - LVG

Elliston Coaching

Success through Knowledge. Bill Elliston has mentored Laura throughout her career in cycling and his experience and knowledge of the sport have provided a solid platform and foundation for training and lifestyle.  


"Bill understands how to manage the unique components of training, high level racing, home life, and rest to help you get the most from your cycling goals."  - LVG

Dr KC Wilder

Providing Mental Game Coaching for individuals, teams and clubs, K.C. Wilder is a renowned sports psychologist based in the Philadelphia area. She has guided Laura through many seasons of competition, helping to maximize Laura's mental potential and keep her focus on progress and fulfillment.   


" K.C. having been a competitive cyclist herself has helped me reflect and focus on important aspects of mental resolve that keep me mentally fresh and motivated so that I approach my competitions with the edge I need."  - LVG

Dog's Playing for Life

"Dogs play to live, now let them live to play."  Play groups are a game changing enrichment tool for shelters and rescues. This charitable organization provides education and instruction to the staff and volunteers of shelters and rescues so they can offer play group opportunities to socialize the dogs in their care. 


"This is near and dear to my heart. I have witnessed how this program can afford a dog a better chance at adoption. By allowing them time to socialize, you are able to see the true personality of the dogs." 

Pink Siren Sports

The Pink Sirens promote a "take charge of your life" active and healthy lifestyle for women. We started as a group whose singular goal was to find fellow females interested in safe yet serious cycling. Our mission for membership continues to embrace beginners, juniors & avid cyclists as members, all the while supporting elite women pro racers (road, mountain, track and cyclo-cross) on the national stage. Pink Siren Sports has expanded our purpose to cultivate and support all women athletes.


"The Pink Sirens create a women's cycling community that is inspirational, supportive, and welcoming." -LVG

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