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     I remember my first bike purchase, a Ross, the color was important, blue. I saved and saved and ordered it. It was my pride and joy, protected from the elements. It took me everywhere, I had freedom, I was mobile and I was social. Sometimes I even rode my boyfriend around on the back since I felt I was stronger and could get us to our destination faster.  

     Fast foward to post college years, looking for a fitness activity, I began checking out mountain bikes. I fell in love instantly with the challenge, the freedom, the excitement and could be found riding that bike on the roads and trails nearly everyday. The bike was my source of stress relief and I embraced it wholeheartedly. Feeling I needed a challenge, I entered a mountain bike race and focused on doing an MS150 fundraising ride. Both of these events spoke to an inner part of me that cemented my passion for pedaling. I enjoyed the competition of racing and I loved the commaraderie of the charity ride. After 27 years of dedicated pedaling, I have yet to look back with regret, in fact everything about the bike seems to bring me to my happy place. 

     In 1991 at the cusp of what began a lifelong journey, I met the most important person of my life and in my cycling career. Rick Ball, the man who would introduce and educate me about the sport of road cycling. He remains the steadfast coach, mentor, mechanic and boyfriend after 25 years.  I know I would not have been able to achieve the success I have without his guidance and support.

     It was never my dream or intention to become one of the most successful women cyclists in the history of  U.S. cycling, but it is the reality for which I am grateful. It's time for me to share my enthusiasm, motivation, skills, and professionalism with other riders who wish to achieve their cycling goals and aspirations.  I want to see you benefit and succeed in an activity that is so empowering.

     So join me along this new road and we'll practice bikes, talk bikes, and live the passion that fuels our dreams.











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